RIP Graphic Novels

Got a couple of graphic novels to post about, one part of a new series and one the latest in an old series i've enjoyed.

The Walking Dead, Volume 12: Life Among Them by Robert Kirkland and Charlie Adlard, starts shortly after Carl's huge revelation dropped at the end of book 11. As Rick and crew finally get to Washington DC, they find a group of survivors that seem too good to be true. Living in a walled community, headed by a Congressman, this little place seems like it is almost untouched. The kids don't carry guns; they can just play. They don't even have guards posted on the walls. Our heroes must decide if, after all they've been through, they can trust these new people and if it is even possible to go back to normal life.

I realized, whether this is intended by the authors or not, that i don't want to like the new characters! I don't want to know their backstory, what they've lost or done, because i just know that somethings coming in the story to kill them soon. we're now only left with maybe 6 characters who we met at the beginning or early in the series. I don't want to loose them!

Volume 12 also seems like a set-up book, like the previous one titled "The Calm Before". I can't wait for volume 13, coming out in November. The TV series starts on Halloween and i will be tuning in! a 5 for this book. d

House of Mystery, Volume 1: Room and Boredom by Matthew Sturges, Bill Willingham and Luca Rossi, is a weird little book. The book opens with Cain and Abel from the Sandman series, doing what they normally do. Cain heads back to his house an discovers it is missing! Then we meet Fig, an architecture student running from some strange hand-holding specters. She runs through a door and finds herself at the House of Mystery, a cross-dimensional bar, that she cannot leave. Most of the patrons can come and go, telling stories to pay for their food and drink. But five, including Fig, cannot.

Also a 5. i really do want to continue this series. my library does not have it though. So i'll be purchasing slowly through McKay's or maybe used online. There are 3 more volumes collected now.

Both these count for RIP. I'm just cruising through this challenge this year. YAY!


  1. It's been a scandalously long time since I finished a graphic novel, so I'm adding these to my library list.

    Thinking of starting From Hell for RIPV. We'll see how it goes!

  2. I have Bill Willingham radar. Every time I see him mentioned I really want to read him, but my library has a terrible graphic novel section!


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