An Unfortunate Title

I finished up Catching Fire today. No, i didn't reread the second Hunger Games book. This book is non-fiction; it just happens to share a title with a massive YA hit. Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human by Richard Wrangham is an anthropology book.

The main idea is that man started controlling fire and cooking around 1.8 million years ago, corresponding to the change from the habilines to Homo Erectus. Cooking allowed our food to be more easily chewed and digested, which led to shorter gut systems and more time to do things besides sitting around and eating. With the energy savings of our stomachs, we were able to grow our brains. Since food being cooked is food easily stolen, pair bonds became stronger and women became the cooks/gatherers while men became hunter/protectors.

I enjoyed this book but it really needed pictures and tables. I've got a nice grasp of the various time periods and species the author talks about but i feel even i would have understood better with some visual graphs. A more novice anthropology reader would really benefit greatly. a 5.

On the personal front, I am now registered for the GRE. I'll be taking it November 17th. Wish me luck! With a good score, I'll be applying to UT's Masters of Science in Information Science program in January. EEK! I'm a bit nervous about going back to school. B has been crazy supportive! What if i've forgotten how to study? Or write papers? Will all that school stuff come back to me?

Currently: pensive.


  1. You'll do fine! Just don't overload yourself your first semester.

  2. take a few practice tests and prove to yourself that you will do fine. My favorite part of the GRE was the Miller Analogies . . . it was a looooooon time ago . . . .

  3. Anonymous6/8/13 21:27

    That's not an unfortunate title, that's what makes the other Catching Fire the funniest of the trilogy. ;D


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