60's Gothic

The first book i finished on the Readathon was We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. I had read The Haunting of Hill House several years ago and found it too drifty/dreamy for my tastes. Castle is far more straightforward.

Two young sisters, Constance and Mary Katherine, who is our narrator, live with their elderly uncle, Julian. Several years before they experienced a tragedy; the rest of the family died of arsenic poisoning. Constance was acquitted and Mary Katherine was just a child at the time. Julian himself barely survived. Now, Julian and Constance never leave the estate they live on. Only Mary Katherine visits the nearby town twice a week, enduring the taunts of children and stares and remarks of the adults to get groceries. A cousin, Charles, shows up one day and everything in Mary Katherine's life starts changing.

I really liked this book. It was creepy and the sense of doom just kept growing and growing. I wanted to read faster to find out what happened! Would it be what i was expecting, or better, or worse? a 6 from me and a great read for RIP!


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