RIP Movies!

All the appropriate movies i've managed to watch during the RIP challenge! I'd intended to watch more but just didn't manage.

The Birds-5. Kinda slow before the birds start attacking. Not my favorite Hitchcock so far.

The Wolfman- 2. This year's version with Anthony Hopkins. not very good at all.

Carriers- 4. Chris Pine does good grunge. sorta like what Zombieland would have been if it was completely unfunny. And this has a bad title, as a carrier is a person who can pass along a disease without themselves being infected, which as far as we know none of these characters can.


  1. I viewed Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde recently. It wasn't quality, but I couldn't resist the title.

  2. hmm, never heard of that one!

  3. Just finally saw The Birds a couple years back. Enjoyed it. It is slow, but I kind of like the slow sinister build up of these old black and white shows. We watched several episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents during R.I.P. I was surprised by what a card he was in his introductions.


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