Room, by Emma Donahue, is exactly the type of book that i don't pick up. Child narrator, terrible deprivation, it sounds like such a downer. However, i read Chris' review of it and decided maybe i would go ahead and get it from the library.

Wow. It is completely worth the read. Another book i hadn't intended to read Saturday, i started it Friday night, just to read a few chapters. Instead, i read about 150 pages and had to finish the next day. I had to know what happened to Jack and Ma.

I thought Jack's voice was amazing. With little else to do, Ma has taught him to read and write and given him a huge vocabulary for a child his age. But it makes so much sense. What else was there to do? As he's only been in Room, he has only seen one of most things. So there is Bed, and Table, and Rug. He's still a little kid and does anthropomorphize objects and plants. He's such a great narrator that it makes the rest of the story believable.

I give this one a 6. i recommend it but it could be a trigger for those who have suffered abuse or rape so it is not for everyone.


  1. It's great isn't it? It's hard to recommend though, because it does sound like such a downer!


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