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This week's Weekly Geeks topic is about the upcoming Readathon! I do intend to participate but i won't be able to read all day Saturday. I will be having a lovely bookish weekend though! The Southern Festival of Books runs Friday-Sunday. Saturday specifically i intend to see Harold Ford at 10, the authors of American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us at 12, Brian Yansky and Paolo Bacigalupi at 2:30, then at 3 Dr Bill Bass and author Jon Jefferson are talking about their book! 3 is also when Karen Essex will be talking about her book Dracula in Love. there are a couple writing panels i might want to see and several sessions about building community that look interesting. So for the majority of the day time i'll be running about, maybe live blogging the events.

For the Readathon itself, I don't have a strategy. Here's a pic of my library books that i need to read, as well as Handling the Undead which i caved and bought off Amazon. Hey, $11 was from gift cards so I don't feel too bad about spending on a hardback.

I unfortunately already packed the couple graphic novels I've not read yet. If you like those types of books i recommend throwing a few in for your Readathon list. They make a nice break and also help you feel like you've accomplished something. I hope that i will finish whatever i have started by that point but good headway on any books will be great! I won't have any snacks specifically but will probably pick up a few sweets from the Farmer's Market since I will be downtown. B works that day and will get in about 11 that night so i don't have to work around his schedule at all. I bet he stays up half the night playing video games while i read!

As for the Farmer's Market this weekend, i thought i'd pick all the basil and make pesto. instead i picked this much

and didn't even make a dent in my plants! I also found these little guys underneath my balcony.

Those are zinnias on the left and a tiny purple basil plant on the right. apparently a few seeds dropped from above and are happily growing in real soil. See the zinnias under there?

My tomato plant just keeps getting taller. It's really starting to lean over. I don't want to mess with it too much and kill it before the move.

and i still need to pack. I intend to take a picture of all the book boxes at some point just so i can overwhelm myself.


  1. I got my copy of Handling the Undead in the mail too :D So excited about it!! Though I have so much other crap to read too. And I love that your plants are now making permanent homes for themselves :p

  2. You have such a great weekend ahead of you! Good luck on the read-a-thon!


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