What I Have Been Up To

B and I have officially moved in together. We really should have hired movers; three flights of stairs really defeated us. Our place is still a mess and still cluttered; no internet or cable yet. I have gotten much reading done though, 3 whole books since Tuesday. We have so much stuff: 4 computers (3 laptops and a desktop), 3 desks, lamps and chairs and shelves. I will post a picture of B's awesome desk/study furniture when it is properly put together and filled. Now, for your pleasure, are our boxes of books.

Ok, here is the corner of the bedroom and the library. i think we are going to call it that.

Books in the library. yes, B has a card catalog that is on the bottom there.

Another view of those boxes, so you can see that there are more behind all those in the picture above.

and in the living room

and the dining area,

and the hallway.

and i realized i forgot 1 more box that was in the pantry. and several boxes have a couple books and then other, lighter things in them too.

The great part is now, well, i've got a whole new bunch of books in the house to peruse! WHEE! We get internet access and cable tomorrow so i know my reading pace will slow a bit now. But as i am suffering from Sportcenter withdrawal, that really is a good thing.

Currently: at the library, yay free internet.


  1. Congratulations on moving in together! Think there is nothing quite like the "Box Period" running between boxes to try and find the frying pan or the TV remote control for the TV.

    Go free internet :)


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