BTT for 11/18

a question i have an easy answer to!
the library definitely. I don't really have friends who read, besides B, and we live together now. From the library i have no problem returning a book unread, or late, or hating a book. with one from a friend i have to return it in a timely manner and, if they've read it, have to wonder what i'll say if my reaction is a total opposite to their reaction. I have no problem returning books, to people or to the library, but i am lucky enough that the branch library i go to is about a mile from my apartment! I usually go to it about twice a week, dropping off or picking up or both.

Right now, from the library, i'm about finished with P.D. James' Talking about Detective Fiction and Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian on audio book in the car. Now that i have a 25 min commute i'll be listening to a few audio books. It just wasn't worth listening to books when i only had a 10 minute drive to work.

In other bookish news, I'll be seeing the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow night with my friend D! yippee!


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