Dark Novellas

Yesterday I read Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King. Yes, i started and finished it yesterday, though it was a close thing. 20 more pages would have taken me after midnight and over into another day. I love how you can get completely pulled into King's work. At one point I know B was talking to me and i was sort of muttering back "uh huh", "mmm" and "yeah" because i just could not put this book down.

These stories all revolve around a "What would you do if..." question. What would you do if you were dying, too young, of cancer, and the devil offered to save you but curse your frenemy? what would you do if, after decades of marriage, you realize your spouse is probably a serial killer? What would you do if you were a famous murder mystery novelist and survived a brutal rape and attempted murder and knew who was responsible?

My favorites of the four novellas were the two with female protagonists, "Big Driver" and "A Good Marriage". "Big Driver" is the one about the novelist. At first, i didn't like the main character but slowly her thinking won me over. "A Good Marriage" also has a simple enough premise, one that's a touch scary to someone who just moved in with a man. How well does anyone really know anyone?

Overall, well worth it. a 6.


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