Have you reviewed books by people you know?

Because i am going to review 3, all available on Kindle.

Cave of Forlorn by R.C. Rutter- Fantasy. 5. A good old quest! The King is trapped by demons and dying and only his long lost daughter can save him. Is she a farm girl or a warrior woman? I was surprised how funny this book is! Fantasy isn't always a place to find laughs but I really liked the comic characters in this one. Beware the kitten of doom! The plot is fast paced with a lot of different threads that slowly join together for a great finale.

Cades Cove by Aidan James- Horror. 5. Visiting the Smokie Mountains, Miriam and David Hobbs find a strange souvenir: a little bag labeled "Allie Mae's Treasures" containing various things including a broken tooth. David brings the bag with him home to Colorado, where unexplained sounds, chills and moving objects begin to plague the family. David has nightmares of Allie Mae as the violence escalates, so he takes the bag back to Tennessee in the hopes of placating the spirit. I found the atmosphere of the story very creepy. As the ghost starts with annoyances then moves to violence you become really fearful for the characters.

Deadly Night by Aidan James- Murder Mystery. 5. Jimmy and Fiona Alea investigate ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal phenomena in Nashville, TN. When they, and their ghost hunting crew Nash-Vegas Paranormal, discover the brutal murder of famous country singer Candi Starr, it's traumatic but not going to derail their lives. But the death doesn't stop with just the singer. As the killer tears his way through Candi's Nashville connections, the Aleas must try to protect their friends and family, using Fiona's link to the spirit world to help stop the killer. Side plots follow NVP's ghost investigations, which contribute to some of the creepier moments in the book, as well as the funnier ones. The image of a ghost hanging in a plantation home foyer will stay with you. Jimmy is a great narrator, mixing enough snarky comments in that you believe him as the tension rachets up. There's also a good sense of place; you can feel the humidity and hear the southern accents.


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