Lotsa Pics Post!

I haven't done pictures in a while so here you go!

I love the farmer's market! I got potatoes, pickles, radishes, collard greens and ham to cook with them, yummy pecan squares, and some red tomatoes.

spent 50 cents at the library book sale last week! I always try to go on the last day as there really isn't much left and what is available is even cheaper than earlier in the week.

While i spent 30 at McKay's today, i got a bunch of stuff. as some of this is going to my secret santa person, and some to B, i'll just show the books, not the titles. i got 4 children's picture books, 4 paperbacks, a cd, and a hardback copy of The Wind in the Willows with lovely pictures.

my plants are all done. we don't have a roof to our balcony now, so B used his ingenious skills to run the tomato along the railing.

some more sad plants.

Anyone have an opinion on the colors? I've been black forever and decided to change some things. Should i go blue instead?

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Go Tigers!


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