Murder Must Advertise

I finished my second Lord Peter Wimsey mystery this Saturday, Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy L. Sayers. I like mysteries that begin with the investigator trying to decide if there was even a crime. It seems like the detective has to get that much more involved and i enjoy reading those sorts.

Victor Dean is a copywriter for Pym's Advertising and dies after falling down the huge spiral staircase at the office's headquarters. Lord Peter Wimsey, under an assumed name and working as a copywriter, begins investigating the firm for the owner Pym. Wimsey's brother-in-law, Inspector Parker, works for Scotland Yard investigating drug trafficking. Slowly the two investigations begin to intertwine, with Wimsey at one point arranging to be in two places at once! The drug scheme is clever and the resolution very satisfying.

A high 5 for me. It counts towards the 1% Challenge as it is on the 1001 Books list and i am going to use it towards the Win! Win! category for the 2010 Challenge too.


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