Mystery Kick

I don't want to leave these books! Forget the fact that I have both the new Stephen King book of novellas, Full Dark, No Stars as well as The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoot from the library that really need to be read. I want to stay with these mysteries and gothic novels. I don't want to jump to something modern. This morning i picked up The Broken Teaglass and decided that, after flipping through the pages, i didn't want to read it because i saw the word "Geez" as an expression. not that i don't say that occasionally. i just want to stay back in the past, reading Victorian mysteries, and 1800's gothic and classics.

I finished The Mystery of the Yellow Room by Gaston LeRoux last night. It is a pure locked room mystery. A young woman, Mlle. Stangerson, is viciously attacked in her own bedroom with her father, Mr. Stangerson, and their servant, Old Jacques, just in the next room. Her door is locked from the inside as is the only window. When the men finally break into the room with the help of the caretakers only the daughter is in the room!

Like Trent in Trent's Last Case, Rouletabille is a young journalist who's made his name solving cases. Frederic Larsan is the police detective who feels that, because there was no way out of the yellow room besides the door, that Mr. Stangerson must have see his daughter's fiance, Robert Darzac, and allowed him to escape to avoid a scandal. As Larsan begins to collect his evidence, eventually arresting Darzac and putting him on trial, Rouletabille follows his own logic to reach the real attacker's identity.

I literally gasped when the Rouletabille revealed the attempted killer! very very recommended! a 7. And it counts for the 2010 Challenge as an "Up to You" book. My choice was books in translation.

By the by, I needed a book to take to work and couldn't find a properly sized one that fit the age criteria as everything is still in boxes. I decided to take Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman and am almost finished with it now too!


  1. Mystery of the Yellow Room is fantastic. I ordered it years ago and read it aloud to Mary and we both really enjoyed it. By the way, there is a second mystery with the same character, The Perfume of the Lady in Black.

  2. I saw that on wikipedia but unfortunately my library doesn't have it :(.

  3. I couldn't find it anywhere around here and ended up having to order it online. You can get it from The Book Depository for $12.26, free shipping. I've ordered a few books from them recently and been very pleased.


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