Return of the Movies Post

Hot Tub Time Machine- 4. Goofy. really goofy, not bad. less of Rob Cordry naked and would have been a 5.

Victory- 6. Soccer movie about prisoners in a WWII camp who have to play the German national team. very fun.

Blade Runner- 7. ok, i'd never seen the whole thing beginning to end. i'd seen bits and pieces and read the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. The movie is great, though much different from the book.

The Thirteenth Warrior- 7. i can't believe i missed this movie before! it is exactly the kind of movie i like. Antonio Banderas plays an Arab who a group of Vikings draft into going on a quest to save a kingdom from evil marauders. in like 922 AD. I really really enjoyed it!

Whip It!- 5, pretty predictable, getting an extra point because i have a bit of a crush on Ellen Page. Go see a real roller derby match in your area!

The Lovely Bones- eh, ok. 4. i liked it better when it was titled What Dreams May Come and starred Robin Williams.


  1. I enjoyed Whip it. It was great, but it was good fun, especially after watching Rollergirls when it was on A&E a few years ago. Glad you finally gave Blade Runner a go. I've always enjoyed the film and was really surprised by how different PKD's book was when I read it a couple of years ago. It was good, but very different than what I expected. Haven't been able to bring myself to see The Lovely Bones yet despite my admiration for Peter Jackson. I know its not going to be a happy film and I just haven't been in the mood.

  2. Have you been to an actual match? they really are fun. The one i went to had a flat track and no railings; there were signs posted that you couldn't sit in the front rows if you were injured and to expect women to come flying at you! I read PKD's book before i saw Blade Runner and loved both but for different reasons.

  3. No I haven't, but we do have a local Kansas City team and we keep saying where are going to go. Need to just follow through.


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