Skinner Sweet

Can't be his real name. I mean, he's an outlaw who likes candy. He has to have given himself a nickname. He robs banks, rapes and pillages in the Old West. oh, and then gets turned into a vampire.


American Vampire, Volume 1 by Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque and Stephen King is a bloody fun book of revenge. One story is the story of Skinner Sweet's transformation and the lawmen who attempt to stop him. The second takes place in Hollywood, where some old Euro-vampires feast on young starlets. Pearl Jones survives long enough for Sweet to find her and turn her into a vampire like him, far different than the others. Sweet and Pearl can thrive in sunlight. These vampires don't sparkle though, they kill, especially those people who've wronged them.

I enjoyed this book and am disappointed to see that the second collection doesn't come out until next year. I am almost tempted to wander over to The Great Escape and dive back into comics. a 6.


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