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I started work at a new job! Yes, after eight years i decided that i was simply done with big magenta cell phone company and being yelled at by customers while trying to sell them things. I started looking for a job about four months ago but really got no interest from any place until about 3 weeks ago. I'm no longer in a call center! I'll have regular hours Monday through Friday. I unfortunately won't have days off with B anymore but i think i'll be much better to be around when i'm home with him. Stability will be very nice. Now just to learn about insurance billing!


  1. Congrats Melanie! I haven't worked since May. I was working for a major greeting card company (merchanidising). Not fun, but it was flexible. I have to work during my kids' school hours. It's hard to find something like that nowadays. Anyway, I had to quit because I had mono and then I didn't find another job over the summer because I had a serious cellulitis infection and was in the hospital for 9 days and on home health for 6 weeks. Now I'm limited as to what I can do because of my leg. I can't be on my feet a lot. So I haven't had much luck finding anything that meets my various constraints...LOL! And boy do we need the money! Anyway, didn't mean to tell you my whole life story. =O) If you hear of anything that might work for me here in Nashville, would you mind letting me know? Thanks!

  2. Michelle- I shot off an email to your address on your blogger profile about where i am working now. Good luck on your search!


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