Trent's Last Case

I really liked Trent's Last Case by E.C. Bentley. What mystery writer today would use that as a title for their first mystery? It seems like so many titles now are intended to begin multi-book series that the "last" part seems strange. Why is it his last case? Does the detective die? You start this book with a question already.

Trent is an artist who's amazing mind has led him to dabble in solving criminal cases for a newspaper. He's called in to consult on the case of the murder of Sigbee Manderson, an American business tycoon. Trent also happens to know the widow's uncle, Mr. Cupples, who also asks Trent to see what he can discover. Mr. Cupples knows that his niece and her husband had a falling out and knows she will be suspected but he feels his niece is innocent and wants Trent to find the proof.

Trent is brilliant, working out what he feels is the solution but also falling in love with the widow! Later, he discovers much of his careful logic to be wrong.

I delighted in this short little book. Trent is a great character, a detective that laughs and loves and has human failings. a 6. i wish so that the library had the book of short stories featuring Trent, Trent Intervenes. Hmmm, perhaps an assignment for B to look it up at his library?


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