A very good graphic novel to read a few days after seeing Deathly Hallows. Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity by Mike Carey and Peter Gross is very good. So good that i wonder about walking into a comic shop again and picking up the current issues. Yes, perhaps i'll become a fan girl once again!

The gist is that Tom Taylor is the real life basis for a series of books his father, Wilson Taylor, wrote. As Wilson disappeared without finishing the 14th and final novel, fans are still crazy about Tom. Tom hates being called Tommy but makes a living doing public appearances and signing autographs. The one gift his father left him is a talent for remembering "literary geography", the places where books take place or in some cases were written. When a reporter suggests that Tom might not actually be Wilson's son, Tom's world goes a bit crazy.

I really enjoyed this one. a 7. I loved the intertextualness of it, similar to how the Sandman series works. Read it read it!

Something i have found very difficult is to review ongoing comic series. This book is the collection of the first 5 issues so giving a general overview wouldn't really spoil much. But as the series continues, the deeper you go into the story, the less you can say as a reviewer. The Walking Dead is particularly bad as it is a series where the author isn't afraid to kill off characters. I would not have wanted to be spoiled on some of the shocks in that series so other than giving the vaguest of overviews I don't want to say much. mentioning some characters while dancing around not mentioning others so you don't give away someone has gotten eaten by zombies is hard! :)

Does anyone else who read graphic novels have this problem? how do you get around it?


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