Weekly Geeks- Time

The question this week is about finding time to read.

Well, I don't have kids. So that is a big chunk of time that i have available that other people don't. The only family interruption i have is when i need to walk the dog! :) B reads so he doesn't seem to mind if i say i want to finish reading something rather than watch a movie. At my previous job i was able to read at work, if there was time between calls. Now i read at my lunch break and, as i am still in training, during breaks or when i am finished with a task but can't go on to something else until the others in my class have also finished. I'm usually not the first or the last person to finish something, so that gives me another 15 minutes or so during the day.

On the weekends or evenings, i end up multi-tasking a lot. i can read and keep half an eye on football or soccer games at the same time. I'll read while cooking dinner. I don't have a specific time i set aside to read usually; it just depends on what i am reading as to how much time i set aside to finish.


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