Running the Books by Avi Steinberg is a very good memoir. To get some steady income to supplement his job as a freelance obituary writer, Avi Steinberg becomes a librarian at a prison in Boston. He supervises some prisoners who work at the library and also teaches creative writing. There's a moment that caught me where he is talking to one of the students after class then has to count all the pencils to make sure none were taken to be used as weapons.

It didn't have the Hollywood moments. This book isn't about the smart Jewish kid reforming the old convicts through the power of literature. Several of the characters Avi meets in prison have died by the end of the book.
The biggest inter-personal conflicts he faces aren't with the prisoners but with the guards, who go out of their way to undermine Avi's authority and seem to be of the opinion the library shouldn't even be there.

This book is touching but not heart-warming. I liked reading about this very particular life. a 6.

It is snowing here! here's some pics taken about 12:30. we've gotten more coverage since then but i still can't tell about the road.

I'm chilly. I am not going anywhere today! I need to vacuum the apartment. Later, i'll try to make pot roast for the first time! Otherwise, i intend to curl up and read and watch football. Maybe i will try some of the tea i got in the mail. Toorah has the right idea!

Speaking of TV, B decided we needed a bigger, better model. He got a 60 inch tv and the 3D conversion thingy. The mass market paperback is there for some scale.

This is a gigantic tv. We watched The Dark Knight the first night we got it as it is one of the few Bluray movies I own and it was awesome! We were playing around with the 3d demo PS3 games last night and i actually got dizzy!

The football looks awesome.

7:30 PM update:
I may not be going to work tomorrow. The pictures didn't show the snow as sparkly as it really is. B says it is because it is cold that the snow is all sparkly. B also says the roads are bad. The snow isn't supposed to stop until after midnight so who knows about work.


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