I'm home

Vacation is over :( I loved being back in LA and wish i could have stayed longer. I will be going in the summer as that's when my new niece or nephew will arrive!

I listened to two audio books on this trip and finished reading one paperback. Quick reviews!

HMS Surprise by Patrick O'Brian- Book 3 of the Aubrey/Maturin series. In this, though we thought Jack's money issues were solved at the end of Post Captain, we find he's still in trouble and yet to marry Sophia at the beginning of this book. He gets a chance, partly due to Maturin's cunning, to captain the H.M.S. Surprise as she carries an envoy to the far east. I thought the beginning was a bit of a cheat but liked it overall. a 5.

The Mauritius Command by Patrick O'Brian- Book 4 of Aubrey/Maturin. Spoiler's ahead!
With the money earned in H.M.S. Surprise, Aubrey and Sophia have set up house and have a pair of twin girls. Unfortunately, Sophia's mother has managed to loose her own money and has moved in with the couple. Jack's on shore and so on half pay when he has the chance to be a commodore and fight the French in the south Indian ocean he jumps at it. lots of drama in the battles and the personalities of the captains under Jack. in this one i thought it was the end that was a cheat but liked it better. a 6.

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins- a cool Victorian epistolary mystery. really liked it. a 6.

I will probably finish The Sherlockian before the end of the year and maybe At Large and At Small. I am going to get my Best of the Year post ready for tomorrow.


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