Post Captain

I can't say I liked Post Captain by Patrick O'Brian as much as Master and Commander but it is a good book. I believe a bit of the problem may be that I am listening to this series on audio book and had a hard time with the new narrator in this second volume. I had gotten very used to the way the reader in the first book did the voices for Maturin and Aubrey and didn't like the difference. Also, in Post Captain the reader seems to take weird pauses. By the time i had gotten about halfway through I had gotten used to the new voice.

A difference between these first and second books is also in the point of view. Post Captain is told mostly from Stephen Maturin's POV, while Master and Commander had a big mix of Jack and Stephen. There are also several gaps in the story that almost made me think i had put in the wrong disc. At one point we see Stephen about to go on a mission and the next track it is several months later and he is back in England. I didn't particularly like the jumps.

I did like the new characters and coming back to some from the first book. I liked the women, Sophia Williams and Diana Villers, with whom Jack and Stephen become involved. I liked the life on land sequence early in the book; it reminded me strongly of Jane Austen. I also enjoyed the comic, if unbelievable, scenes of Stephen and Jack fleeing France with Jack dressed in a bear suit.

lastly, as occasionally happens with library audio books, there were a lot of scratches on some of the discs which made them skip and stutter. And of course a few of the bad ones were in important places. Like when Jack finds out his agent has run off with his prize money, which he now owes back to England. I missed the track that explained this and didn't catch on to what happened for a while. I am sure that didn't help my enjoyment.

Overall, a 5. i picked up books 3 (HMS Surprise) and 4 (The Mauritius Command) to listen to on the trip to Louisiana. I'm headed home for Christmas!


  1. I have this on my stack of books I hope to get to next year. I really enjoyed Master and Commander and have that unrealistic dream of actually getting through all of these at some point in my life. We'll see.


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