Sunday before Christmas

I don't know why this year i'm not so much in the Christmas mood. B leaves tomorrow for Vermont; I'll be leaving work early on Wednesday to head to Louisiana. I'll be driving back next Sunday but i am not sure when B will return; he doesn't technically have to be back until January 5. I've got almost all my shopping done. The only decorating i've done was to put up the Christmas cards we've received and to get out the holidayish kitchen towels.

Maybe the season has just gone by too fast? I'm enjoying the new job and am so so glad i'm not dealing with another season at the cell phone company. It does seem like i just stopped working there when it has actually been about 6 weeks now. In fact, it really seems like since the move time has just shot by. The new job has cut down on my reading a bit as i can eat lunch while i work! I could take a whole hour if i wanted to but i'd rather eat while i work and leave earlier.

Please please don't think i'm complaining, i'm not! B and I have settled into a great rhythm with each other. We're happy being lazy together! We should clean more and finish unpacking all the books and get the dead plants off the porch. But it is much more pleasant to chat and cuddle and watch movies and read together in the evenings. He's great. I should post more pictures of him.

sooooooo. on a completely different note, I'm thinking of taking CB James' TBR Dare but i feel like i'll have to put in too many exceptions (currently checked out library books, library books i may get from my current hold list, audio books for driving to) that it really wouldn't count. I am going to sign up again for Bart's Bookshelf's TwentyEleven Challenge though i am not quite going to finish up the 2010 Challenge.

Currently: watching the Titans and they are winning?!?


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