Unwritten 2

After waiting forever to get Unwritten Vol. 1, the library got part 2 to me in record time! The Unwritten Vol. 2: Inside Man by Mike Carey and Peter Gross goes deeper into the story of Tom Taylor. In prison awaiting trial for crimes he didn't commit, Tom meets some helpful people but many hurtful characters too. When other people start seeing Tom's storytold creations, Tom begins to believe he may actually be a fiction brought to life.

This is a graphic novel series for book fiends. I loved the Kipling/Twain story that ended the last volume and really liked the Pooh-ish story that ended this grouping. I don't want to get all smart sounding and talk about the book being meta-fiction and the intertextuality involved, post-structuralism interpretations and the concept of self. But it is a very smart, literary series. I have to say it again, if you liked the Sandman series you will enjoy this one. a 6.


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