1320, I thank you!

Thank you, book blogger world!

Why, you ask? and what's with that number?

I took the GRE yesterday morning. i was completely shocked when i hit the "view score" button and that number, 1320, popped up on the screen. Breaking it down, i scored 680 on the verbal and 640 on the math. While I did not receive my scores for the writing portion, i'm now pretty confident i did fine.

I'm thanking you, the book blogging world, for making me think these last few years. My previous job didn't require me to actually think very often. You've encouraged me to read more and read widely. You've made me think critically about my opinions, and yours! If i wasn't blogging, the most complex thing i would have written in my personal life would be something like "what do u want for dinner? not pizza" or "Happy Birthday! See you soon, love, Mel". Even though many of my reviews are short i know that just writing something every few days has been a major help to my mental capabilities.

and thank you B, and D, and my parents for encouraging me!

So I have now applied to University of Tennessee, going against my football biases for what seems to be a pretty good program. It's the library science Master's program, all online which is great as i've no desire to move to Knoxville. Now i just need to write a 500 word piece on why I want to go to library school. hmmm.


  1. I don't know too much about the GRE (I'm from the UK) but congrats! Library science sounds wonderful, being a librarian would be such a great job. Good luck with the application :)

  2. Sam- The GRE is a test you take for graduate school. both sections are scored out of 800. Thanks.

    LCDarling- Thanks too!


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