Cinderella wasn't ever one of my favorite heroines but she was certainly more interesting and active than either Sleeping Beauty (who doesn't even get a real name?) and Snow White. In the Fableverse, however, Cinderella is absolutely kick ass. Her cover is so good not a single Fable suspects she is an amazing spy.

Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love, by Chris Roberson and Chrissie Zullo, fills in a bit of Cindy's backstory while we follow her on a mission. This book takes place sometime between the end of the war and when Mister Dark explodes into the storyline. Some unknown person is selling magical artifacts to mundies; Cindy must go to the latest sale and discover the seller. She meets Aladdin, another spy, and they team up. Much fun and banter occurs.

The art wasn't quite as pretty as Fables usually is but it was good. The story was cute and definitely worth reading. It isn't required if you are only casually reading Fables but if you want a little more, pick up this book. a 5 from me.


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