Fables: Witches

Wonderful, amazing Fables! I don't care for Jack, so I didn't particularly like The Great Fables Crossover. But Fables, Volume 14: Witches, is amazingly good. I can't wait for book 15!

The first section tells the story of how the Dark Man was originally captured by a group of sorcerers called Boxers. The next section follows several storylines: Frau Totenkinder becomes young and goes on a journey of her own to find out how to stop the Dark Man, Ozma (the little girl witch) becomes the leader of the witches, works against the Dark Man and must also stop a bid for power from an unexpected source, Beauty and the Beast get some strange news. But the best story is that of Bufkin, the flying monkey who lives in the business office of Fabletown. When the Dark Man showed up, the magical backlash knocked the business office off its connection to the world. Bufkin and his friends, like the head of Frankenstein and the Magic Mirror, can't get out. The magic also released Baba Yaga and an evil genie. But Bufkin knows he must stop them.

Magic Mirror: You've managed to make an enemy of Bufkin, the monkey. Once he decided he needed to destroy you, you were basically doomed.

Baba Yaga: I've never heard of such a creature. What are his powers?

Magic Mirror: He READS. He reads EVERYTHING.

Perfect! Bufkin's story was both hilarious and rousing. Brains versus brawn are some of the best stories in my opinion. I loved this book and am counting the days until the next is released (titled Rose Red, out April 12). a 7!


  1. I've GOT to get caught back up with this series. Seriously. It's just silly that I'm this far behind!


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