I Like Fadiman!

Anne Fadiman writes wonderful essays. At Large and At Small is a collection with a wider range of topics than the previous one i read, Ex Libris. While Ex Libris dealt mainly with topics reading related, At Large and At Small covers ice cream, collecting, moving out of the city, patriotism and others. Fadiman has a way of making you completely present at the events she writes of, as well as making you recall similar events in your own life. She obviously has a great love of literature; i want to pick up a biography of Coleridge because of her essay and I don't even know that i've ever read anything by Coleridge!

I could read dozens of her essays; unfortunately she's only got 3 collections out. I'll have Rereadings on my library list soon. a 6!


  1. Her larger book (The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down) is absolutely fabulous. Hope you get a chance to try it.


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