I loathed...

Great great topic for the Literary Blog Hop this week!!
Literary Blog Hop
Discuss a work of literary merit that you hated when you were made to read it in school or university. Why did you dislike it?

The Great Gatsby sucked rat balls.

ok, I know it is a great work of American literature. And all deep and stuff. I just couldn't stand it! Rich, vapid, boring people desperate for other rich, vapid, boring people, all told by a guy who's not quite as rich so there's this weird sort of greedy lust on every page. Stop drinking so damn much! Go DO something, anything!! Really, throw in drugs and cell phones and i think Brett Easton Ellis pretty much has written the same stuff. I read this in a Religion in Literature class my sophomore year of college. Thankfully, i also got to read Interview with the Vampire and write a term paper on it, for credit! We read several other books i enjoyed as well but slogging through the Fitzgerald was the low point of my semester.


  1. It seems Gatsby is a marmite (yeast extract) book in that it really has the power to divide people, if you like it, you love it or vice versa.

  2. I found it very true to today. People who have everything...except happiness. And you can smell the Crash coming.

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  3. How interesting that you read this for a religion class. So the billboard guy with yellow glasses didn't do it for you? I guess he is as close to religion as most of the characters come. I'm curious what your fellow students made of the book.

  4. Never read it. But I've come across it more than once in this hop!
    I still want to read it though (someday...)

  5. I think Gatsby is brilliant! Yes, the characters are morally bankrupt and spiritually vacant. Did you know that Gatsby was based on a character in The Satyricon by Petronius. I guess the rich are always with us....

  6. I liked it. We do have people like that in our midst.

    Here is my Literary Blog Hop: Disliked Book post!

  7. PC- yeah, it does seem to be divisive.

    Deb- thanks for following.

    LR- As i read it like 14 years ago i just can't remember.

    Em- good luck!

    Bibliophiliac and Gautami- I do know there are reasons people enjoy it and i would never argue that someone shouldn't like it. just not my cuppa. :(

  8. One of my claims to fame from high school...or claims to infamy...is that I took an American Lit class that was reading this book and I never read a page and got an A. I was taking it independent study and I just copied the notes off the board and took the tests from that. That and the fact that I helped that teacher work on the year book in my free time is what guaranteed me that grade. I've heard from many that I am not missing anything.

  9. I read it in high school and was rather ambivalent--I just didn't care about anything in it. I do want to reread it at some point, just to see if I can find something to appreciate.


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