Mystery Challenge #1

I've completed my first mystery of the year! Whose Body?, by Dorothy L. Sayers, is a Lord Peter Wimsey book. I picked this one up because P.D. James mentions it as referencing back to Trent's Last Case by E.C. Bentley, which it does. It is also Sayers first Wimsey book (for some reason i keep wanting to spell it Whimsy, like the noun) and there are places where it shows a bit. She tells us a lot through dialogue rather than showing us through action.

Wimsey gets called in on a strange case. A rather nervous man, Mr. Thripps, who lives with his mother and a housekeeper, goes to take a bath one morning and finds a dead naked body in his tub! Thripps knows Wimsey's mother and calls him after the police seem to think Thripps had something to do with the murder. The police arrest Thripps and the housekeeper and probably would have arrested the mother too but that she is elderly and quite deaf.

Wimsey's friend, Parker, is also investigating a case, that of the disappearance of a wealthy businessman. After finding the man in the bath is not the businessman, the two men decide to help each other on the cases and, of course, end up solving each.

While this is the first book of the series, i am not sure that i would start with it. I've read Murder Must Advertise and The Nine Tailors and both of those were better. As this case is not Wimsey's first, don't feel a need to begin here. i give it a 5.

now i am off to work on the grad school app. ugh. :)


  1. Now, see, I love Wimsey's dialogue. I just think he's so much fun to "listen" to. But I do see your point and agree that as a first novel, Sayers' slip is showing. Thanks for the review and I'll have up on the tally board asap.

    Good luck with the grad school app! I'm a grad secretary in my other I'm on the other end right now.

  2. Bev- well, it just felt like this whole book was dialogue. Especially compared to the other two i've read. for big chunks of The Nine Tailors we follow Wimsey around as he's detecting and it's quite a different feel. I'm going to keep reading Sayers though!

  3. I just started this one, I'm finding it fun to read. It is the first of Sayer's books I've read.


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