Nashville Counts!

As you may or may not remember, Nashville, the city I live in, was devastated by a massive flood back in May 2010. Hands On Nashville has been a huge part of the city's recovery, coordinating sometimes huge groups of volunteers. While the water was still rising they got groups together to sandbag areas that were not yet underwater. Afterward, they put together dozens of teams to help with clearing houses of their flood-damaged goods so the owners could quickly begin the rebuild. Besides their activities after the flood, they coordinate volunteer groups to work at organizations ranging from homeless shelters to our city parks. A group of Nashville based artists created a children's book called Nashville Counts! to raise money for that great organization. I purchased a copy and, if you have a little to give, would like to try to convince you to purchase one too! It is a beautiful book, good quality.

An article in the Nashville Scene about the book. And the article at Chapter 16.

The Hatch Show Print guys work.
My pictures aren't doing it justice. :(

Where to purchase. They have also created books to benefit organizations in Louisville and Baltimore that you may be interested in. Oh, they are $20 plus tax/shipping, unless you live in Nashville and want to go by Cummins Station or the Rymer Gallery.



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