Shalador's Lady

I do so enjoy the Black Jewels books. Shalador's Lady is Anne Bishop's latest novel. Our big series characters, Daemon, Janelle, Lucivar, Saetan, have some scenes and important parts but the majority of the book is about Cassidy, Queen of Dena Nehele. She was basically hired in the last book to be Queen for a year, after which she or the country can decide not to renew her contract.

Cassidy is not strong in magic but has a great heart and love for her new land and its people. The conflict comes when a bitchy, money hungry Queen who took over Cassidy's last court comes to demand money. Though she throws the Queen out, the lord of the manor, Theran, falls for the new Queen's beauty and lets her stay. Theran feels his country needs a beautiful Queen to hold it together and the rest of the book is essentially about Cassidy and her loyal men proving him wrong.

These books are great fun to read and i liked it. Not a book you can jump into without having read the previous one though. a strong 5.

I'm trying to get through the library books I have right now so I will probably have several posts over the next few days as i finish up things. Then i shall tackle MT. TBR! I've snuck a book off it already as I read the first few essays in Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy, which B gave me for Christmas. Did you know she's a feminist heroine?


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