Walking Dead: Too Far Gone

Don't remember if i mentioned it but B and I really enjoyed the Walking Dead tv series. It was far too short a season but as it ended so quickly i was able to spill all the spoilers on what happened in the comics, which had a different story arc than the show.

Now i've finished Volume 13 of The Walking Dead graphic novels. For the last several books the horror has been human driven: how do you trust strangers? what do you do to those people who've crossed over into preying on other humans? how do you live with yourself afterward? This book was no different as Rick performs some duties as sheriff and kicks the hell out of a man who beats his own wife and child. Then when our characters' home is threatened by outsiders who want to take over, Andrea's unique skills and Rick's leadership keep everyone safe. There's a bit of a cliffhanger that makes me believe that our heroes may need to start worrying about the dead again.

I love this series and this book was very good. I don't know how, exactly, Kirkman and company manage it but as a reader you are constantly off-balance. You know pretty much any character can die at any minute and that puts the reader almost in the same mindset as the characters. We've known our heroes for a long time now; we care about them and want them to be safe. So we distrust outsiders; we've seen others hurt our heroes before. We cheer when they find guns or food or medicines; those things will help our heroes survive. And, strangely, when newcomers get absorbed into the group, as a reader you don't want to invest too much in them. The same way the characters we've followed for months now don't know how to create normal relationships anymore. There's a big white guy who's been in the last 3 or 4 books that i don't know the name of, or the name of his girlfriend. He's proven strong and trustworthy so i don't believe he'll be betraying anyone and is probably part of the hero group now but i still can't remember his name. I just haven't wanted to invest in him because he may be killed any page now.

In conclusion, read this series. If you are a fan of characters, post-apocalypse, zombies, or even just of sharpshooter chicks with samurai swords, you'll like these books. I'm giving the latest a 6.


  1. Anonymous14/1/11 21:09

    I've read the first two books in this series so far, but now I've started watching the TV series and I'm not sure I'll go back to the novels. We'll see. Have you seen the show on AMC? I thought the first season was fantastic!

  2. Anonymous14/1/11 21:16

    Ack! Just saw where you said you saw the show -
    Glad to see you loved it too! :)


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