Locke and Key 1

well. Today I finished Locke and Key, Volume 1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.

Locke and Key is the story of the Locke family. The father is murdered by a couple of teenagers and the wife and kids escape mainly due to the bravery of the oldest son, Tyler. Tyler blames himself for the murder though because he knew the teenagers and once, when he was angry, said something about to one of them about wanting his father dead.

The family picks up stakes and moves across country to live at their father's childhood estate with his brother in an island town named Lovecraft. The kids have different problems adjusting but it is the youngest boy, Bode, who is maybe six, who sets the next part of the story in motion. He finds a key that, when you go through the door it opens, allows you to leave your body. He also finds an entity in the well which has some pretty evil plans.

I like the story and am curious as to where it is going. There is a bunch of backstory we don't have yet. It is obvious the house has a history and many secrets. I like the art and coloring as well. I would say this is better than the first volume of House of Mystery and I've got volume 2 on my library hold list now. a 6.


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