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The Fortune of War, by Patrick O'Brian, is very different from the previous books.W hile several have had stretches set on land, in this book Aubrey is never in command of a ship after the first chapter or so.

After sailing the battered Leopard into harbor in the Dutch East Indies, Aubrey takes the first ship out to England, along with Maturin and the other followers. after various catastrophe's, they end up on a different ship, the Java, which ends up loosing a battle to an America man-o-war. Jack is seriously injured and Stephen goes with him to Boston, where they wait to be exchanged. When Diana Villiers arrives in town with Henry Johnson and Louisa Wogan, American spies, Stephen is in great danger.

The characters of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin have almost become your friends by this point in the series. I worry about them! I was so sad for Stephen when he lost the vast collection he'd accumulated in the time on Desolation Island. I was anxious for Jack when he was injured. That is great writing when you know there are another 15 books in the series with these characters and you are still so concerned in the moment that you are not sure they will make it! a 6!


  1. I have only read the first book in this series, but I really, really enjoyed it. I bought the second and have it queued up. For some reason I have it in my head that these are summer reads...maybe because being out on the ocean and the piles of snow still outside my window don't seem compatible. Ha!

  2. Some of the books so far have had a tropical slant; The Mauritius Command is a pretty warm weather book. But Desolation Island had a large portion take place in the roaring 40's (latitude) and had a good bit of ice in it. A big chunk of The Fortune of War takes place in late winter Boston. I really like these books. I would say that the second book, Post Captain, gets a little boggy in the beginning when so much takes place on land but many of the characters we meet then are going to be around for a while!


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