I received Modern Ruins: Portraits of Place in the Mid-Atlantic Region by Shaun O'Boyle from Librarything's Early Review program. The books shows photos of places people have abandoned: mental hospitals, a stately home, ironworks. There are no people, no portrait picture, just strange, lonely places we have left behind.

I really enjoyed the photos in this book. Some of the places, like the mental hospital, look so creepy. It is strange how quickly nature takes over and decay sets in. My favorite pictures are those from the Bannerman Island Arsenal, which was essentially a Scottish castle set on an island in the middle of the Hudson River. The essays are quite informative as well. I will definitely look for more artwork from this artist and will be passing this one on to my photography loving friends! a 6.

the author's website is here!

I also went to the Frist Center this weekend with my friend D. We saw an exhibit of one of her professors, William Eggleston. It was full of beautiful color photography. Definitely worth going to if you are going to be in Nashville before May 1.


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