B and I got through the BBC Sherlocks, set in modern London, this past week. Highly highly recommended.

Sherlock Holmes is still a consulting detective; Watson is still a veteran of the Afghanistan war. But Sherlock prefers to text so he doesn't get sidetracked with useless conversation and Watson has a therapist who suggests he start a blog as part of his therapy for PTSD. Whether Watson even has PTSD is an interesting question. They move into 221B Baker Street, with Mrs Hudson frequently shouting "I'm your landlady not a housekeeper!".

The way the show dealt with Sherlock's abilities was great. There were little pop ups that let you know what he was thinking and what he was doing with his phone. It sounds goofy when i say it like that but it works beautifully. The main actors are fabulous. Benedict Cumberbatch has these creepy eyes which he uses wonderfully, especially when he shows contempt or mirth. while I didn't originally picture Martin Freeman as a man of action, i bought it completely.

B hasn't read the stories but had seen some of the Jeremy Brett or Basil Rathbone productions, and of course the new movie with Robert Downey Jr. The fact that he hadn't read the stories was fun for me, as i could shout "oh, that's an almost quote" or "that was a great way to update that plot point"; i hope i wasn't too annoying.

The one disappointment: only 3 episodes! I could have watched a dozen more. a 7 and maybe I'll go watch "A Study In Pink" again now.


  1. I loved this series too. It was wonderfully cast. I was surprised that there were only 3 episodes, but I'm hoping mroe will come.

  2. there will be another set of 3 this fall!


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