Snow Crash

B brought this book back from his parents' home for me to read. I've read the first two volumes of Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle but never to to the third; so much to read! Snow Crash is very different in time and place but not in scope.

Published in 1992, Snow Crash takes place in the indeterminate near future. There really aren't cities anymore but collections of franchises that are their own little countries. Technology is much more advanced but people seem to have gone downhill. Is there such a thing as a semi-dystopia?

Hiro Protagonist is a hacker, a pizza delivery man for the Mafia and works for the Library of Congress. He becomes partners with Y.T., a teenage Kourier who uses a fierce skateboard to make package deliveries. She helps Hiro deliver a pizza right on time and they make a deal that they will split the profits on any intel she picks up that he can sell to the Library of Congress. Hiro also
helped create the Metaverse, an online world sort of like the Matrix, and the story really gets going when someone creates a virus called Snow Crash that disables hackers' brains and also seems to exist in the real world. Hiro and Y.T. use their friends, their gadgets and their brains to track down the source of the virus.

I loved loved it! I had to read it in 4 long sittings; this book is not one i could really sip from but had to take in great big gulps. This world Stephenson creates is intense and amazingly vivid. Half the technology and gadgets mentioned I desperately want, half horrified me. a 7 and a fabulous book to read during the Sci-Fi Experience!


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