2011 Movies Part 1

I'm going to keep going with the movies.

Resident Evil 3D- hmm. yeah. it was in 3D and Milla Jovovich is pretty. a 4.

The Man Who Fell to Earth- quite a strange 70's thing. I admit i was kinda studying at the time but i really didn't like it. a 1

Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns- documentary about They Might Be Giants. Fun. 5

Dark Star- ahem. it is John Carpenter's first movie. supposed to be a comedy. let's go with 4.

Machete- I so love Robert Rodriguez. this movie has the best stunt casting (Jeff Fahey's daughter) since Zombieland. a 7!

Red- fun. 5.

Terminator: Salvation- 5. i liked it a good bit but then the ending was just goofy.

The A-Team- 6, fun movie, if incredibly unrealistic.


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