Btt for 3/31/11, and a book!

So, BTT first!

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If you’re like me, you grew up reading everything under the sun, like the cereal boxes while you ate your breakfast, the newspapers held by strangers on the subway, the tabloid headlines at the grocery store.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever read? (You know, something NOT a book, magazine, short story, poem or article.)

I hae read some weird stuff at the doctor's office. My gyno doctor's office. The waiting room is fine as i bring a book but once they take you back to the room and give you the paper gown to put on I don't want to sit there with a book on my lap. I always hope they might come in quickly but usually they give you a good long time to change and then wait. So, the weirdest things i've ever read have been those posters on the wall about all the symptoms of terrible things that could be wrong with you or your baby. I've never been pregnant so none of that information has the slightest bit of relevance to me and in fact has made me a bit averse to becoming so. Trust me, some of the symptoms are gross!

For the book, I finished The Far Side of the World. It has almost nothing the same as the movie but is quite good in its own way. The dear old Surprise gets one final mission: to capture the American ship The Norfolk which is harassing the English whalers. There are lots of new interpersonal relationships on the ship, several with sad results. Stephen has a particularly inept fall from the ship that almost gets he and Jack killed. This story really feels like a section of a longer one; definitely not the place to start the series. a 5.


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