The Ionian Mission

I liked The Ionian Mission by Patrick O'Brian but didn't like the ending. It is another of O'Brian's books that ends seconds after a battle concludes. I do like a little denouement, thank you, though at least i didn't have to wait until the next book to find out if a favorite character survived the battle. This whole book involves a good bit of waiting and realy makes you feel the grind of service in a blockade. Then Jack and Co. get a break by going on a special mission in the dear old Surprise and head over to deal with 3 Turks all trying to take, or keep, the same town. Whichever one Jack decides to help will probably win and then help Jack and the British take a French-occupied town. So there is this long buildup to that battle, the taking of the town, which we then do not get to see. Therefore, while i liked this book, it is just a 5.


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