What's Going On?

Not sure what is up with me. I'm not depressed; i feel fine! maybe i've been having some winter doldrums? Thinks are great with B. I really just don't feel like doing much, even reading. I did spend yesterday doing some reading but i just can't get motivated to dive into anything.

I also feel like i am reading less, which i don't like. I didn't realize how much time i spent reading at my old job! I would read on my breaks and at lunch and would have a book out anytime we had more than a minute or so between calls. Now, while i can take 2 15 min breaks and up to an hour for lunch, i'm not reading during the workday. I don't have to take a lunch and prefer most days to take my first break around noon to fix my lunch and have been walking with a group of women most days for my second break. so instead of reading maybe an hour or so during the day I am reading 10 mins or less.

The advantage of the new job on the reading front is that I get to listen to audio books. This is reading and I am not disparaging audio books in anyway but it is a different quality of experience. I'm driving so part of my brain and body are focused on that task while the reading part of my brain is, well, reading. It is less relaxing i think.

My numbers don't look too bad: 24 books finished so far in 2011. But 5 have been graphic novels which only take an hour or so to read, 5 have been audio, 2 were books i mostly read in 2010 and just finished up in January and 1, 84, Charing Cross Road, was only 112 pages, many of which were half-pages of text. So overall i've finished 11, a hair above 1 a week. By comparison, taking out comics but not audio as i didn't track those last year, I finished 113, or just over 2 a week. And I haven't dived into any big books, or meaty classics, or even many of my own!

Stuff i NEED to do:
  • finish the grad school apps. I have to write my little "why i want to go back to school" essay still. just 500 words but...
  • clean out the library, removing all the boxes and shelving the books. we really need 1 more shelf somewhere but i could get most of the stuff out of there anyway.
  • Hang up all the pictures!
  • and a perennial one, exercise.
Guess i should get up and go do something, huh?


  1. You'll fall back into the swing of things eventually. I've been going through the exact same thing! Nothing I can complain about, but I've just been in a funk. Hope you get out of it soon, Mel!! *hugs*

  2. Anonymous7/3/11 00:41

    I just wanted you to know that I consider myself a cynical optimist as well and was thinking of starting a blog with the same name. Guess I am too late, such is life. But now I have some reading to do.


  3. Chris- Thanks for the hugs!

    John- yeah, i've had this one a while now. it morphed from a sort of random things blog to a book blog but I believe my outlook is still the same!

  4. I've been reading less, mostly because I'm dead tired at night, and I haven't been taking advantage of reading time at work--what there is of it. Hang in there, do something un-reading-related if need be. You're still whipping my ass in the #s department for 2011. Ugg! Kills me to have only read 5 books thus far. Who am I?! lol

  5. Thanks Andi! Hope the tiredness goes away. I think everyone has been kinda bleh recently.

  6. I've been following your blog and just wanted to say what a joy it is to read. Books are a big part of my life too and I occasionaly go through a reading hump aswell. I used to be able to read alot at work (when it was quiet) but can't do that anymore. Just in my little half hour lunch break. So I went from reading 1 - 2 books a week to 1 over a fortnight...argh !!!


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