About 2 months ago, i was scrolling through my facebook feed on a break at work when i saw that Tor had a post offering the yet to be released novel Harbor (or maybe Harbour, i have seen it spelled both ways in various places) by John Ajvide Lindqvist. I shot off an email, not expecting to get a copy but i managed to snag one!

I couldn't get to it immediately but I finished this book last night and really liked it. I also read it very quickly, tearing through the last 300 pages yesterday. The novel starts with Anders' daughter, Maja, disappearing into thin air on the frozen sea surrounding the island of Domaro. Then, about 3 years later, Anders returns to the island, an alcoholic and in despair. He becomes more aware of the supernatural forces on the island with help from Anna-Greta, his grandmother, and Simon, an elderly stage magician who may hold some true magic in his hands. Simon and Anna-Greta have their own stories and sorrows too; i think their flashbacks are really some of the best parts of the book. As Anders begins to believe he may be able to contact his lost daughter, the dark entities that took her begin to fight back.

I loved the characters, especially Simon and Anna-Greta. I think the characters and the setting, by being so realistic, allow the horror/supernatural elements to feel more real. The writing is so descriptive; i can picture the island, taste the salt and feel the wind. I know it is a cliche but the writing style did remind me of Steven King. is that the writer or the translator?
I'm so glad i got the early copy! a 6 from me! and i am going to use it for the Hot Off the Presses category for the 2011 Challenge.

BTW, it comes out 10/11/11, right in time for RIP!


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