Update 2

so, i finished Cloud Atlas. phenomenal. in retrospect, reminds me a touch of Memento. Now going to pick up Unfamiliar Fishes for a bit. I also downloaded the album Fruit by The Asteriods Galaxy Tour. They sing the song in the recent Heineken commercial, where the guy in the white tux jacket greets all the various people at a banquet in appropriate ways. They also had a song in a ipod or iphone commercial last year i think. the two songs sound so different i didn't realize it was the same band until i listened to the clips. also listened to a playlist of Radiohead's In Rainbows alternated with OK Computer which is great.

Pages: a pathetic 226.
Finished: Cloud Atlas


  1. Cloud Atlas sounds good, since I loved Memento!

    I'm here to cheer!

    I like the books that thrill
    the books that smile
    the books confuse
    the books that take awhile
    But mostly I love the books I devour
    During Readathon's 24 hours!


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