Weekly Geeks 2011-14

A meme! Favorite authors A-Z. I've had to double up, the more i thought the harder it was to weigh two for that same letter. I mean, Haruki Murakami and Alan Moore are both fabulous but so completely different they cannot be compared. I also have a couple blanks which i reserve the right to fill in if i come up with a proper author.

A- Issac Asimov, Jane Austen
B- Anne Bishop, Ray Bradbury
C- Jaqueline Carey, Wilkie Collins
D- Richard Dawkins, Arthur Conan Doyle
E- Edgar Allan Poe
F- Anne Fadiman, Frank Miller
G- Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin
H- Lian Hearn, Nick Hornby
I- Kazuo Ishiguro
J-Jared Diamond, J.K. Rowling
K- Steven King
L- John Ajvide Lindqvist, Gaston LeRoux
M- Alan Moore, Haruki Murakami
N- N
eal Stephenson, Naomi Novik
O- Patrick O'Brian, George Orwell
P- Phillip Pullman
R- Meg Rosoff, Mary Roach
S- Carl Sagan, Dr. Seuss
T- Toni Morrison, J.R.R. Tolkien
U- Ursula K. LeGuin
V- Sarah Vowell
W- H.G. Wells, Jo Walton
Z- Markus Zusak

Now i want to go to the library and look in the Q, X and Y areas for some books!


  1. We have a few authors in common. Great list!

  2. Anonymous24/4/11 08:03

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Good list! I thought about including George Orwell and Wilkie Collins, both great authors.

  3. My list is mostly romance authors sprinkled with fantasy-- we share Jacquelyn Carey!

  4. We definately have a few authors in common..

    Have a great reading week..


  5. I'm glad to see Alan Moore and especially Haruki Murakami. I should have put Alan Moore in mine too but I already had 3 others under M.

    It's very interesting looking at everyone's lists and seeing the popular authors and coming across ones you share.

    I need to find authors for QUVXY!


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