The 13 Gun Salute

The Thirteen Gun Salute, by Patrick O'Brian, has jumped up to be one of my favorites in the series. It starts in a way that O'Brian hasn't used before; the story starts with the men beginning their voyage then flashes back to show how they ended up setting off. At first Aubrey is captaining the Surprise on a trip to South America where Maturin is going to try to foment some dissent against the Spanish. However, when word of the trip leaks out, Aubrey and Maturin are given a new mission: to take an envoy, Fox, to the West Indies. It is similar in structure to the third novel HMS Surprise but very different in execution. We see two different sides of Stephen Maturin: the naturalist, full of wonder as he communes with orangutans and the animals he finds in Malaysia and the spy, ruthless and almost cruel as he deals with enemies to the crown. I was absolutely shocked how the Andrew Wray storyline played out. This book is another that ends in a major cliffhanger; i wonder how the next will begin. a 7 from me and i highly highly recommend this series!

in other news, my reading has dropped off a bit. I'm reading A Game of Thrones on B's Kindle and listening to The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood in the car. After those two, i should have the next Aubrey-Maturin book to listen to, The Nutmeg of Consolation, and think i will try to read something short before going to A Clash Of Kings. Is anyone else watching the Game of Thrones show? B and I are loving it and both super excited about the new book out in July (smack in between our birthdays by the way); i believe we will be buying two copies.

I also signed up for the library's summer reading challenge. Reading five books between June 6 and July 16 and you get entered to win one of 2 Nooks or passes to various Nashville landmarks, most of which I've not seen. Last year the prizes were rain barrels and a tour of the water plant, neither of which i was particularly interested in.

B had the day off but the weather was gross so we didn't go to the Renaissance Festival. We did go to the Frist and see an exhibit on Vishnu which i believe i enjoyed more than he did. We may hit the fest on Memorial Day. Anyone already have Memorial Day plans?


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