Audio Book and Pure Horror

This past week i finished Patrick O'Brian's The Letter of Marque. I thought it was a great installment. It wrapped up some plotlines that had been dangling for the last few books and set up several new ones. There are some great battles, particularly the cutting out of the Diane, which all raise Jack's reputation for luck to extraordinary heights. A very good volume in a fabulous series! a 7.

now, i have some graphic, disturbing images to share. at least, they are disturbing to book lovers!

B was rereading Game of Thrones. He often sits out on our porch and left the book out there by accident. here's what happens if you let a book get absolutely soaked through.

he said when he found it the book was running water like a sponge. the cover came off as it dried. This is actually a little better; when it was fully wet that curve in the spine was much worse because the book was actually fatter.

Yucky, right? We'll get another copy from McKay's.


  1. Anonymous1/5/11 14:04

    :( How sad! It's exactly what my favorite Baby Sitters Club book looked like once upon a forever ago, when my sister accidentally dropped it in the bathtub. But huzzah for new copies!

  2. Awww, a sad fate but a testament to its well-lovedness that you were re-reading.

  3. We Read- i've never gotten a book soaked before, just dampened with a bit of coffee/dinner. good thing it wasn't the Kindle!

    Andi- yeah, the series on HBO is fabulous and making me want to get through the whole series again before the new book comes out.

  4. I once dropped a whole stack of books I had borrowed in the gutter during a torrential rain. They too were ruined, and before I even read them.

    Dead books are always a sad sight!

  5. I would be crying if this happened...which would only make it worse...more wet! *L*

    Can you believe I STILL have not been to McKays? I'm weird about going over to that area of town. I have this aversion to anywhere remotely near downtown. =O)


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