A Game of Thrones Reread

I finished up A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin this weekend. I have read this before, not sure when though. Probably around the time A Feast for Crows came out. I was prompted to reread it because I needed to reread the series for when the new book comes out in July as well as because the TV series is just so fun.

What can i say about this series? It is intricate, epic, sad, thrilling, funny, touching. I had forgotten bits, like exactly how Viserys died, but remembered other bits. I had remembered I loved Arya Stark and Jon Snow but I had forgotten how much i liked Tyrion Lannister.

This counts for the Once Upon a Time challenge as well as the TwentyEleven challenge for the "Back in the Day" category. I have a couple library books to finish then i will move on to A Clash of Kings. just 7 weeks until A Dance with Dragons! We will be getting a hard copy and a Kindle copy so that B and I can read them at the same time! He's reread the first 3 and working on A Feast for Crows right now.


  1. I am reading A Game of Thrones for the first time. I started reading it before the show aired on HBO (have you seen it? awesome!) and I was staying ahead of the show until I got behind. Doh! Now I haven't watched this week's episode because I want to get ahead of it in the book again. Looks like that one will be watched OnDemand! I am really loving it though. I haven't fallen in love with a fantasy series in a very long time. So glad I discovered it!

    I also wanted to find out if you had heard about us doing quarterly read alongs over at the Tennessee Book Bloggers group? We are going to focus--appropriately--on Tennessee authors. We had a poll to choose the first book and The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks came out on top. The read along will go from June 15th through August 15th. I will be posting the discussion sections soon over on the group discussion board. I did send out a message to all members so it should be in your Goodreads mailbox. I hope you will think about joining us. I'm trying to get some more interaction between us TBBs. I'm still hoping to organize a meet up this year at the Southern Festival of Books. It kind of fell through last year!

    Hope you're having a great week!


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