How many movies can i watch?

Dr. Who, series 2: 7. ok, i learned to like the new Dr.

Walk the Line- 5, unintentionally funny because i've seen the Dewey Cox movie.

Body of Lies- 5, solid espionage movie.

The Informant-4, kinda weird. I remember seeing the commercials and it seemed like a comedy but it really isn't.

Bicentennial Man- 5, maybe it would have been better with someone besides Robin Williams.

The Town- i didn't like this one at first but it has grown on me. 5.

Black Swan-- What? a 5.

The King's Speech- really liked it. a 6.

Let Me In- ok, not terrible but terribly redundant. Go for the original. also, who knew they had that much snow in Los Alamos? a 4.

A History of Violence- i might have liked it more when it came out. 4


  1. Glad to see you liked The King's Speech. Excellent film. I was happy for all involved when it won the Oscars that it did earlier this year.

    Mary and I are making our way through the seasons of Dr. Who. We are in season 4 right now. Love David Tennant.

  2. did you see he is in the new Fright Night coming out later this year? looks like fun.

  3. No I didn't. That does sound fun.


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