I've decided i like how China Mieville's mind works. I read Kraken and enjoyed the twists and turns. It actually reminded me a good bit of American Gods, though of course American Gods was much better. It takes place in London, or really a "shadow" London with magic, religions, a talking tattoo as a gang leader, and some creepy ass killers, Goss and Subby. Billy Harrow works at the Darwin Center from which a giant squid, and it's giant vat of preserving chemicals, goes missing. He's the normal guy that gets sucked into the magical goings on as everyone assumes he knows what happened.

I listened to this one on audio and my biggest complaint is that there is so much dialogue that parts are infested with "said"s. Like big sections of this:
"...", Billy said.
"...", Wati said.
Dane said "...".
"...", Billy said.
"....", Dane said.
it is somewhat jarring. overall, i enjoyed it. a 6.

I know i've been bleh with my reviews recently; i am reading but not much feeling like writing. Hopefully i'll get outa the writing slump soon!


  1. This one has been on my wishlist for about a year now. I really should just buy it and read it.

  2. Still haven't read any of his stuff because I'm a readerly slacker. Sooo many good premises from Mieville, though. One day! One day!


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